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Newest Design – Daddy’s Little Co-pilot

Daddy's Little Co-Pilot Children's Tshirt

Daddy's Little Co-Pilot Children's Tshirt


Here’s our newest design: Daddy’s Little Co-pilot.

Designed for daddy pilots and their sons and daughters, the design is cute, friendly, and colorful.

It’s available for girls or boys, in a bunch of different colors.  Click on over to Daddy’s Little Co-pilot to see our selection.  We’ve got it on kid’s shirts, baby’s onesies, and even bibs.  The printing is high-quality flex printing, designed to last longer than the shirt fabric and remain vibrant. (None of that ink-on-fabric stuff that tends to fade!)

Are you a mommy, grandma, or grandpa?  No worries; we’ll have designs made for your kids or grand kids within 48 hours!

Site Updates

Hi, Plane Apparel fans.  It’s been over a month since my last blog update.  My apologies.  I’ve been busy making final changes to the site and preparing for our social media roll-out.

Here’s what we’ve done:

  • Apparel design thumbnails now use higher-quality images, and are examples pulled right off of actual apparel
  • Tag pages have been fixed.  You can now browse all our apparel by keyword tags!
  • We’ve better-organized our design categories and provided a collapsing category listing.  Check it on to the right ->
  • Our front-page banner has been changed, and now serves as a space for primary announcements.  Right now we’re running free shipping for orders over $50!
  • Facebook like buttons have been removed from the front shop page designs.  These were causing errors in some browsers.  Sharing your favorite design can now be done by clicking to the design and sharing it individually.
  • BIG:  You can now search apparel with each design, filtered by men/women/kids/accessories!  See the new drop down box for this functionality!
  • Behind the scenes: implemented page caching; you should find that if you’re a repeat visitor, the page loads very quickly.
  • We’ve fired up Facebook and Twitter accounts for Plane Apparel.  Please like us, and we’ll be starting a big social media push soon!
Stay tuned.  More to come.  Email us if you’ve got questions, comments, or suggestions!

Site Updates

My goal is openness when it comes to this apparel shop, so here’s what’s been going on with the site.

We’ve rolled in a number of updates, both visible and behind-the-scenes.  You may notice the Shop page is a bit different.  Hit the read more button to see what we’ve been working on:

  • Overall look-and-feel of our main Shop page should be a bit more aesthetically pleasing (we hope)
  • We’ve added the title of the apparel below each image on the Shop page, which should help for images where text is too small to read, and also increases page accessibility for screen readers
  • We’ve moved the social media button(s) (currently just a Facebook like button, but that will change) to the top of each apparel image on the Shop page, reserving the bottom for the apparel title
  • We’ve added some more FAQs to the FAQ page.  Still more to come.
  • Behind-the-scenes updates include:
    • Security hardening
    • Site backups
    • Implementation of site search tracking, so I can see what you are searching for within the site and make sure your questions and desires are catered to
    • A rebuild of our Contact Us page
We’ll continue to update the site with usability, accessibility, and aesthetics in mind.  Here are some other changes in the pipe:
  • Tweaks to the search function.  Currently, you can easily search for apparel by keyword(s), but the search function does not extend to our FAQ and blog entries.  So, for example, I’ve noticed some folks searching for “shipping” and coming up with no hits, because the search function doesn’t extend to our FAQ page where our shipping information is available.  This will be changing, and you’ll eventually find that the search function considers the entire site, not just apparel.
  • Our tags pages are currently broken.  Those of you using the tag browser on the right side of the page may note that even though you click on a specific tag, all of designs display on the page rather than just the designs with that tag.  We’ll fix this too.
  • We’ll be rolling out some functionality changes in the near future that change how you view products available for a specific design.  For example, suppose you like our CFI – Certified Flight Instructor design.  When you click SEE AVAILABLE PRODUCTS, you’ll note that all products with this design show up.  What we’d like to do is let you filter the products you see right away so you’re not overwhelmed with men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and accessories all at once.
  • We’ll also be adjusting our Shop page so you can filter the items that show on the page.  While this isn’t a dire need at the moment, as our design team adds to our selection of custom aviation designs, it’s likely to become overwhelming.  We’d like to let you filter the results right off the bat.  So if you just want pet gear, or airshow gear, you can filter to see only those items.
Stay tuned!  And remember, we want to be your first choice for airplane shirts, pilot gear, aircraft enthusiast clothing, and all aviation apparel.  Drop us a line for suggestions or complaints.

Eat. Sleep. Aviate. – Aviation Apparel Design Release

Eat Sleep Aviate - Plane Apparel

Eat. sleep. Aviate. - Custom Aviation Design by Plane Apparel

My design team has released a cool new aviation design called Eat. Sleep. Aviate.  It has a bit of a road sign or airport sign look to it with contrasting neutral grey-scale coloring with a dash of bright color on the word AVIATE.  It looks great as a custom airplane shirt, on an iPad case, or any other type of aviation apparel.

Every pilot I meet has a great passion for flying.  There’s something about soaring through the air that captures the imagination and invigorates the soul.  This design is made for all of you who live and breathe aviation; those of you who would like to do nothing but EAT. SLEEP. AVIATE.

Keep in mind that this design can be applied to a multitude of products.  You can put it on men’s, women’s, and children’s aviation shirts, iPad cases, bags, hats, baby clothes, etc.  If you like this design but don’t see it available on a product you want, please send me an email and I’ll set up a custom product for you.

So head on over and see the products available for this custom aviation apparel design: Eat. Sleep. Aviate.

Site Updates – Added FAQ Page, Aviation Design Releasing Soon

Plane Apparel – Site Updates, FAQ Page, New Aviation Design for Apparel

We’re still working on heavy updates to the back end of the website (basically, the stuff you can’t see).  However, tonight we’re fleshing out our FAQ page.  You’ll see many more questions answered here as we fill this page out.  We’ll have information about our products, shipping, payment, etc.  Right now, you’ll see only a couple of FAQs on the page, but expect that to change soon.

My design team is also preparing a new aviation design which I think you’ll be pleased with.  I’m not yet releasing a sneak preview, but if you live and breathe aviation, I think you’re going to like it.  Stay tuned for its release on a variety of different aviation garments.

And don’t forget, we want to be YOUR SOURCE for cool aviation, airplane, and pilot gear and apparel.  Shoot us an email and let us know what you expect from us!

Plane Apparel Site Updates, New Aviation Apparel Forthcoming

Some PlaneApparel.com Site Updates, New Aviation Apparel / Pilot Gear

A couple of quick updates to the site tonight as well as an aviation apparel release:

  • Added Facebook like buttons on the front page for each aviation apparel  clothing item (please like your favorite aviation gear!)
  • A bit of cosmetic cleanup for the display of aviation designs

If you haven’t already seen it, check out our latest design: Oshkosh is my Mecca.  EAA AirVenture begins July 25th.  I wish I was making the pilgrimage, but I’m not.  So those of you going, grab a shirt, wear it proudly, and take lots of photos!

Leave us a comment below or contact us via our secure contact form.  We always welcome ideas or criticisms, and we promise a response.


Sneak Preview – Design in the Spirit of Oshkosh Airventure

A Custom Design for Aviation Apparel

UPDATE: This design has been released!

EAA’s Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin will be held from July 25 – 31, 2011.  For pilots and aviation enthusiasts, this is arguably the greatest airshow in the U.S.

Oshkosh is my Mecca

Oshkosh is my Mecca

There are only two types of pilots: those who have been to Airventure, and those who wish they had.

Here’s a sneak peak at what the design team is working on. The preliminary title is OSHKOSH is my MECCA.  This design will be available on various products later this week.  Keep in mind this is just one iteration of the design, and is subject to change.

We tend to keep designs simple, but visually pleasing and to-the-point, with a good touch of wit when appropriate.  Leave a comment below this post and let me know what you think.

Site Updates and Forthcoming Aviation Apparel and Clothing Design

PlaneApparel.com Site Tweaks and Upcoming Aviation Apparel Design Release

We pushed through a number of site updates today.  Key updates were:

  • Addition of icons specifying accepted payment methods
  • Clear links to shopping cart and order tracking at the right of the header
  • Addition of number of
  • Some tweaks to the Contact page
  • Updates to fulfillment integration and usability
Also, the design team has outlined the theme for their upcoming design: Oshkosh!  In the spirit of the Greatest Aviation Event On Earth, we’ll be releasing a new design related to EAA Airventure, which begins on July 25th, 2011.
Continue to check back this week for the design, which will be released on multiple types of aviation apparel.  (Design also has some pet items in the works for those of you who take your pets flying with you.  Pets need airplane clothing too!)
And remember, Plane Apparel hopes to become your source for aviation apparel, airplane and flying clothing, and any apparel item association with aviation.  Drop us a line if you have ideas or suggestions.

Evening Updates

Aviation Apparel, Site Updates

Tonight I worked some cosmetic changes on the site.  Things work a bit more smoothly now, and look a bit more pleasant.  I added a Contact page, where you can email us with comments, complaints, ideas, or chit-chat about planes or aviation.

The apparel I added this evening is a men’s aviation neck tie.  Written on it is the ubiquitous phrase of the non-towered environment: “Any traffic please advise.”  Whether you love or hate this bastion of non-standard phraseology, you might as well wear it on a tie!

Over the weekend we’ll have some more additions to the website, which will add both front-end and back-end functionality.  And we’ve got some designs and products in the work for release next week.  In the medium term, we’ve got products for pilots, non-pilots, pets, and people on the docket.  If you fly, like flying, or want to fly, bookmark this site.  Stay tuned!

Plane Apparel – Custom Aviation Apparel – Open for Business

Plane Apparel – Your Aviation T-shirt and Apparel Shop

After a lengthy wait and a lot of long hours, the site is up and open for business!  If you hadn’t already guessed it, we’re a site focused on aviation apparel; everything from t-shirts to pants to polo shirts to pet shirts to accessories.

Needless to say, there will be numerous changes and touch-ups in the coming days, including changes not just to aesthetics but also to usability. At the moment, you’ll see very few products available, but we’ll be adding to our design inventory each week.

I’m still fleshing out major portions of the website.  Soon you’ll see a Contact page where you can submit ideas, comments, questions, or complaints, directly to me.  You’re guaranteed to get a response from me.  Promise.  We’ll eventually be plugged in to social media of all types, so fear not that your Google+ or Facebook friends won’t hear about us.

I’ll have a number of weeks where I tidy up major functions of the website, interspersed with some design and apparel releases.  Once the website is functional to internal QC Stage 1 goals, my design team (yes, I have one) will begin a period of heavy design/apparel releases.  As of today, the date of our site rollout, the Plane Apparel Design Team has a list of 30 design ideas to flesh out and publish.

So, stay tuned!  Stick with us while we get up and running, and you won’t be sorry.  And be prepared to indulge your aviation addiction!